Child Safe Reporting

Child Safe Reporting Procedures

Child Safety Officer:

The WDFUA will nominate a Child Safety Officer who will be the initial point of contact for any report. The position of Child Safety Officer will be communicated to all members of the Association, with a particular emphasis on children being made aware of what the person is there for – i.e. to someone to speak to if a child is feeling unsafe.

What concerns should be reported?

Concerns about the safety and well-being of children can range from an uncomfortable feeling through to a direct observation or a disclosure by a child. Members, staff and volunteers need to be aware of their duty of care to children and of their legal responsibilities.

Examples of child safety concerns include:

  • concerns about a physical environment that may pose a risk to children (this includes health and hygiene issues)
  • inappropriate or special relationships developing between members or volunteers and children
  • inadequate member–child supervision ratios
  • breaches of the Code of Conduct
  • feelings of discomfort about interactions between a member or volunteer and a child
  • suspicions or beliefs that children are at risk of harm
  • observations of concerning changes in behaviour
  • children’s disclosures of abuse or harm, which must be reported to the Child Safety Officer or the police

Reporting Procedure:

  • Any reports of child abuse are to be made to the Child Safety Officer (CSO). The CSO is to report to Police if there is any report of sexual or physical abuse of a child. The CSO is to stay in contact with the reporter and alleged victim to provide support.
  • The CSO is to communicate with the AFL Affiliate Manager. A detailed written report must be recorded and stored, including Who, What, When, Where and Why the incident is of concern.
  • The Affiliate Manager is to report to a higher level AFL Victoria Management if necessary i.e. if report was communicated to the Police or is of significance to higher level management.
  • Alleged perpetrator (if a member, staff or volunteer) is to be reassigned to other duties, or suspended, until investigations completed.
  • If the alleged perpetrator is a member, staff or volunteer, a local or AFL Victoria independent investigation is to take place. Approval of the investigation process from a higher level AFL Management is required.