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WEBPOST #10 16.4.18

2018 National Umpire Accreditation Scheme

All Umpires must be registered with the AFL- this is done by the WDFUA on your behalf
when you complete your registration with us each year.
Umpire Accreditation is compulsory and various levels of current accreditation are required
for both under-age and senior football as well as pathway footy like interleague footy, TAC
games etc.

All umpires will receive an email this week outlining their current accreditation status.
There is a strict timeline. Youmust contact Dedy if you wish to complete your
Accreditation. We must apply by April 26 th …no late entries will be accepted.
As you know, many umpires have already completed our annual courses and are therefore
not required to undertake accreditation this year.
There have been some big changes in the requirements….read on.

FIRST YEAR UMPIRES- There is a new AFL Introductory Umpire Course designed for first
year umpires (we have 17 of them) This is not an accreditation course but an introductory
course introducing students, parents and club umpires to the requirements of umpiring

SECOND YEAR UMPIRES- Development Umpire Accreditation (the old Level 1)
Requirements for Accreditation are
1. Attending Induction Module Coaching module sessions
2. Observed performance by a coach- one matchday observation.

For umpires in underage footy whose accreditation has lapsed ( completed 4years ago)
REQUIREMENT = Observed performance by a coach- one matchday observation.

THIRD YEAR UMPIRES-Advanced Umpire Accreditation (the old Level 2)
For umpires regularly engaged in open- age senior and reserves footy
1. Attending and participating in Coaaching module sessions
2. Undertaking a reflective learning exercise

3. Observed performance by a coach- three matchday observations.

For umpires whose previous Level 2 accreditation has lapsed
Requirement: Observed performance by a coach- one matchday observation.
If your name is on the email sent out this week, please contact Dedy or phone/text on
0428 197 715 or email dedyfriebe@yahoo.com.au to accept your invitation to undertake
Accreditation. We must register your application by April 26 th -NO LATE ENTRIES


Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring)


WEB POST #9 9.4.18

Stage 2-The Establishment Phase- Rounds 1-6

After a very successful and concerted Stage One Pre-season Phase our new football season
is upon us. Congratulations to you all on your preparation!

Games we officiate in are crucial to clubs for early success and we need to get our team
spirit together and operate at a very high and professional level.
Every loss for a team now is a big deal and like us, teams have been putting in a lot of hard
yards and miles to get the best start possible.

In the context of the whole season, The Establishment Phases identifies the first 6 rounds
for us to get our umpiring together…fitness, skills, knowledge of Laws and protocols of the
We must all focus on umpiring in the Spirit of the Game, adjudicate in the Spirit of the
Laws and be the best on-field example we can be.


What are the critical tasks on your TO DO list?

1. We are now all committed to regular training but our on track efforts, workload and
serious encouragement must lift and be team focussed. Encourage, apply and
encourage again.

2. Feedback is crucial because it is how others see us that measure our efforts.
Communicate with your team, feed back to your team post game ( see Match
Review below) and talk to your coaches and observers- we all need to grow and

3. Have a match plan. Each week as you and others assess your performance set some
targets for you to focus on each game. Aim now for continuous improvement.

4. Lifestyle…don’t forget to maintain your life balance…Family….work/school…. sport.
We call it the Establishment Phase because we are re-igniting our skills, our capabilities
and our experience to make our umpiring the best it can be.

The 90 Second Match Review is an expectation that you review your match together
immediately after your game with your on-field team.
Immediately after umpires return to the change rooms after a match we are asking a senior
umpire in the team to start a quick positive feedback session around the group.

We urge umpires to highlight in each other the work and achievements of the game and
encourage/ acknowledge each other’s performances. This need only be brief but aims to
make every umpire in your team finish their game off with something positive to say about
their own and their team mate’s game.
WHY??... “When you look for good in a performance and express that to a person, it gives
them something to live up to. In other words you motivate them to be better than they

This is at the heart of our Team Culture and something we are all asked to contribute to
every game.
We hope that in time the strength and team performances will increase. No umpire can go it
or do it alone…we need to be TEAM!
Dedy Friebe ( Director of Umpiring)

WEB POST #8 2.4.18

WELCOMING THE NEW-(Even Shaun and David were new once)

Our Association is ever on the lookout for new members.

As a new season starts, there are a number of new aspiring umpires in all 3 disciplines settling in to our Association.

We all have a duty and responsibility to make the m feel welcome, appreciated and an equal part of this group. (Team Spirit, loving their footy)

Being new anywhere is a challenge for all people. It takes time to settle-in and feel you are accepted and a part of your chosen new group. Whether you are just a youngster or an adult you like to feel welcomed in your new environment. Yes even our greatest achievers in the AFL, Shaun Ryan and David Harris, were all newbies in our association once upon a time.



We all need to take the time to talk and get to know new people….especially at those times when they walk in, hang around for training to start, on the track and of course socially.


We do have a lot of unique practices and procedures we all have to follow. Sign in’s, unavailability, uniform requirements etc…it’s all new. Encourage questions and give explanations.


We pride ourselves in our professionalism and there’s a lot to learn…we are in fact all constantly learning and striving for improvement. To a new umpire a positive and enouraging comment is “gold”. Don’t we all like to be told we are doing well?


You really start to feel accepted when people know your name, say hi, pass the time and you can freely join-in conversations.



Have you introduced yourself to and spoken with…………..

Campbell, Tara, Jemma, Stephanie, Kieran, Matthew, Clara, Caelan, Isaac, Isobel, Harley, Mitchell, Liam, Paul, Tom, Jacob, Karyn, Anna and Peter. These are our 19 new umpires.


We’ve lost a few good umpires too in Trent, Nick, Maddi, Lachy M, Corey, Kate , Branden plus other first year boundaries. Also there’s long term injuries to Phil and Robbo. Current membership is around 104.


LeaugeSeniorsUnder 18.5Under 17.5Under 14.5




There will be double up games, compulsory 3 field umpire appointments and yes some non -supply again this season.

Hence the call for us all to commit, be available where possible and together make our season a success.


On behalf of our brand new coaching team (Andrew, Warren, Dave & myself) we wish all umpires a very successful and enjoyable season in Team spirit loving our footy.

Our launch night is this Wednesday at 6pm where ALL umpires are asked to attend a pre-training briefing.

Training will be on the Reid Oval and be followed by one of our famous steak sandwich meals…Please try to attend.

Our next Webpost will look closely at our tasks as we enter Stage 2 Rounds 1-6 The Establishment Phase of season 2018.


Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring)


WEBPOST #7   26.3.18

PEREPARATION ENDS-The Dawn of a new season- ARE YOU READY?

Our Association has enjoyed a very active pre-season. 

Most have taken up the challenge of preparing for the season ahead really well.

Training numbers have been robust- a credit to the work of Mick our Fitness Coach and the new Committee hitting theground “on the run” with some thorough planning and organisation- we all benefit from this. A big thanks to you all for taking up this exciting new season challenge.

As Director of Umpiring, I am thrilled-to-bits with the way our Coaches have so keenly and reliably taken up their exciting challenge for the season. I feel strongly that we all will receive a very  encouraging level of support, training, feedback and development from  Andrew, Warren and Dave.

We don’t work alone either. The Committee, headed by Stevehas been “can do” from day one. Our Commencement Coach Program (CCP) has already been keenly embraced by Radar, Gavin, Pat and Dom. Mickpreparation work and insistence on a professional approach  by all umpires has been terrific.BUmp training is coming together and its great to see people step up…thanks Lachy, Nathan and all their helpers.

Our Observers are all trained up and we are all READY TO GO.

Practice matches have dribbled in and we have done our best to spread the opportunities around.

WE ARE READY…bring on Round 1 next week and ouall-important Easter Showcase games this Good Friday. 


FITNESS- Are you training regularly?  Are you getting the extra run in outside of training?
MENTAL PREPHave you checked your rule book, past match reportswebposts….set your season goals?
COACHING PLANHave you read our plans and talked about your season aspirations with Dedy or your coach?
GEAR: Have you checked it all, got any new gear from Glenda, cleaned and ready to go?
COMMITMENTHave you got your own calendar obligations to the sorted (family, work,rest play) -are you ready??? 
CONTRIBUTION: Are you ready to encourage others and put time and effort in to your association, events and social activities? Remember to welcome the new members.



Either go straight there or be at rooms by 5.45pm for the car shuttle.

GOOD FRIDAY FOOTY at South and at Collegians…a showcase game for us in both leagues.

SEASON 2018 LAUNCH NIGHT Wednesday 4th April at 6pm.

This is a must attend event for all umpires where together we will launch the 2018 season.

Theres lots of important information to give out and a chance to meet newer umpires, new kids etc. 

Food will be provided after training- the best steak sandwishes around…please join us?.

Check our website later tonight after 8.30pm for provisional appointments for Good Friday.


Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring)


WEBPOST #6  19.3.18

Match Day Observers.

Last Wednesday evening we held our annual Match-day Observer Training Program. We also involved all 3 coaches and our 4 Commencement Coach Program umpires.

We are very fortunate in our Association to have some very experienced people and in utilising this experience, we invite a number of senior past umpires to assist the match-day observations of umpire performances.

This year, our Match-day Observers are:

Jim Grayson, Jim Rylance, Norm Gibson, Greg Lemmens as well as our 3 coaches Andrew, Warren and David and myself. (8)

Always, our aim is to ensure umpires are observed, get some match day feedback and encouragement from Observers as well as have them report back to the coaching panel.

Feedback may take the form of post-match chats, group de-briefs and written feedback.


Our website contains documents entitled PERFORMANCE MAX for each umpiring discipline.

 “P Max” sets out a range of performance criteria that umpires should be able to demonstrate in their umpiring. Observers frame their observations based on this material and their own vast experience in umpiring. Their feedback to you is given in the team spirit and should always be encouraging with a challenge or two for you to consider for your next game performance.

Use your observers as good sounding boards and always consider advice offered. Most of all be aware that Match-day Observers are there for you to promote, encourage and acknowledge your umpiring. Coaches too value the extra sets of eyes on games they cannot get to.

Below is a checklist of skills that you might keep handy as you mentally prepare for your matches and set your match-day goals.


As our season fast approaches, everyone’s preparation is nearing completion.

Our pre-season preparation needs some………..

Important ONGOING Ingredients

  1. ENJOYMENT- love your footy….can you smell the leather yet?
  2. COMMITMENT- A solid regular attendance, availability and involvement.
  3. FITNESS- Have a crack, lots of effort, work hard!
  4. TEAM SPIRIT- get around, get known and enjoy working with your fellow umpires.

Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring

P.S Check your personal email this week for important information being sent out re match selection.


2018 OBSERVERS TOOL- Pre Umpire discussion report Checklist




Match Day-preparation/ground inspection/game plan.



Whistle-Consistently loud and strong.



Ball Ups-consistent height and straightness.



 Signals-Consistently clear, prompt & communicated.



Positioning General Play-moving/reading play/anticipating.



Positioning Set Shot- got in promptly to line players up.



Decision Making-confident/accurate and warranted free kicks.

Observe warranted, unwarranted and missed free kicks



Strong Composure & Concentration –effective game management for 4 quarters.



Team Work- worked with the team/communicated well.



Speed and Agility- Proactive for 4 quarters.






Match Day-preparation/ground inspection/game plan.



Whistle-Consistently loud and strong.



Throw Ins- Consistent height, depth and straightness.



Signals-Consistently clear, prompt & communicated.



Positioning General Play-Constantly moving & anticipating.



Positioning Set Shots- At the post at all times.



Decision Making-confident/correct.



Centre Returns- Shared legs/high speed/correct positioning.



Team Work- worked with the team/communicated well.



Speed and Agility- Proactive for 4 quarters.






Match Day-preparation/ground inspection/game plan.



Signals-crisp and consistent.



Flag Waving –smooth and continuous.



Positioning General Play-moving/reading play/anticipating.



Positioning Set Shot- under the flight of the ball.



Positioning Contested Line Ball-correct positioning and straddling.



Decision Making-confident/correct (incl Scorecard.)



Strong Composure & Concentration –for 4 quarters.



Team Work- worked with the team/communicated well.




WEBPOST #5  12.3.18


2 x 2 x 2

Turn up, Warm Up

Have a Crack, Get Around

Warm-Down, Reflect



  1. TURN UP

Wear Training Gear, sign off your name, and be on time (before 5.45pm)

Make the commitment to train regularly

  1. WARM –UP

AT 5.45pm or thereafter, break-up into groups of 4-6 and lead in to some static stretches as you prepare for your training- be fair dinkum about this

At 5.55pm as a group head out and jog to your training oval…this is part of your warm up.



Short interval and high intensity training requires your full effort and application.

If you are older you still train to get a training effect. If your young then have a red hot go….Walking, running or sprinting we need to challenge and apply ourselves. Accept your challenge to improve fitness


Our team spirit demands of us that we encourage each OTHER and work together. Always make the effort to acknowledge and encourage others. This is not the scene for conversations but a foul group focus on applying our efforts to improve our skills and fitness together



When training is finished make a concerted effort to warm down stretch, get in out of the cold, dress warmly.


Take a few moments to reflect on your efforts, did you apply yourself fully?

Manage your niggles and sore spots, plan your next run/walk…2 nights of training per week is not enough for full match day fitness.

“ We are now 3 weeks from our season start. There are lots of practice match opportunities coming. It is time for all of us to make the right preparation for the challenges ahead- being fit is a vital part of this preparation.”

Finally…from now, on please put any weekend unavailability in the book before 7pm Monday nights.

Dedy Friebe  (Director of Umpiring.)


WEEK #4 - 5/3


Following on from a successful program in 2017, we will again be conducting
the Commencement Coach Program in 2018.
The emphasis from this program has already seen us not only gain a new coach
this year but also sees last year’s participants assuming leadership roles around
our club and the V Line Academy.

This year, 4 of our experienced and senior umpires have been invited into the
program and all have accepted.
Pleasingly, these experienced umpires cover all disciplines.
We congratulate and offer our best wishes to Gavin Sell, Mick Soulsby (both
senior field umpires), Dominic Bourke (boundary umpire) and Pat Nolan (goal

The program begun on Feb 18 th where participants were invited to attend the
2018 AFL VIC-Country Umpire Coaches Program at Vic Park in Melbourne.                              This day consisted of workshops, guest speakers and heaps of umpire coaches from
around the state. 3 of last year’s CCP umpires attended too so they could
further their own coach development aspirations.

The 4 umpires for this year’s CCP attended a launch meeting last week and will
be further involved in our Match Day Observers Training coming up later this
month. They will undertake Seminars in coaching, performance assessment,
Accreditation, take skills training sessions and sit in on the weekly
appointments process.
As you can see it becomes a real “toe in the water “experience for them.
I would urge all umpires to support these guys in this program for our future.
Please co-operate fully and utilise their skills and experience when offered as
part of this program. The CCP will conclude on June 30 th .

The 2018 Commencement Coach Program will again sow important seeds for
the future of our association and we commend Gavin, Radar, Dom and Pat in
making this investment for all of us.


Not quite Mick’s 10 Commandments but certainly some sound advice to
heighten our efforts and input into weekly training sessions.

Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring.)

2018 AFL Vic Country Umpires Coaching Conference….
Some comments from participants.
The day went well. On a personal note, I thought the workshops were really good. The day started
with keynote speaker Gerald Fitzgerald on his humble beginnings into coaching and now passing
on his experience...all good, then off to participate in a couple of training drills followed by
another workshop as presented by 2 informative facilitators which was well done.
Overall, positive outcome, demonstrating a lot of hands-on required in this field.



What a great experience the 2018 AFL VIC umpire conference was.
I can’t wait to start the CPP program and start coaching and devolving some umpires.
We spent some time on ground running drills and skill sessions which I will run at some stage soon.
To be able to get ideas from top level coaches is a fantastic experience and is something our
Association will only benefit from.
The Big thing for me was a coach isn’t just the game day stuff, it’s about knowing your
players/umpies better on a real personal level and being able to support their needs.



As a first year Boundary Umpire Coach it was great to be able to attend the AFL Vic
Umpires Conference last Sunday.  
Our first guest speaker was celebrated coach Gerald Fitzgerald who has forged an
outstanding coaching career in football from community grass roots right through to the
elite AFL level. His insights into coaching player performance, the club football
environment and the need to respect the work of all club volunteers were particularly
We then spent some time in a group workshop developing our Coaching Philosophy and
Coach Plan Template for the 2018 season ahead. Completion of this will include activities
from our own CCP programme involving our new CCP members.         
Finally spent some time networking with other regional based Boundary Umpire Coaches
to get a sense of some of the challenges they face in umpire retention, junior training &
development and match day logistics. Was pleasing to hear from the Ballarat Boundary
Umpire Coach that our own Johno Abraham is doing very well in the Ballarat Umpires
Association and testament to the strong training and coaching environment he enjoyed
when he commenced as a Boundary Umpire in Warrnambool a few years ago.       
We help, we support, and we encourage each other.



WEEK #3 - 26/2


Based on the important foundations outlined last web post, we can now announce and identify the key practices being put into place for the season ahead.


Phase 1. PRE SEASON STAGE (Jan 15th to April 1st.)

The focus here is the gradual intensification of whole group training- the goal is gaining fitness, some practice match opportunities etc


BUmp Training is Wednesday this year 5-6pm

Phase 2: ESTABLISHMENT STAGE- Rounds 1-6

The focus here is getting match fit, are applying your skills, getting lots of feedback to work on your game.

Phase 3: CONSOLIDATION STAGE- Rounds 7-12

The focus here is getting the match fitness and game focus applied over 4 quarters right…again lots of feedback from your observers and coaches.

Phase 4: REFINEMENT STAGE-Rounds 13-18

The focus here is consistency, high performance and getting our whole performance together- getting it right every week.


The focus here is competitively applying our very best umpiring in every allocated finals game we do.

TRAINING- from March 5th    6.00pm to 7.00pm

MONDAYS: Mick will run his weekly recovery session each Monday.

WEDNESDAYS:  Sessions are timetabled fortnightly for a Coach Skills Training session in each discipline.

As well we have HALL TRAINING Nights at OLHC Hall planned, some Dedy “all-in” sessions and some Mick “strong fitness” sessions are timetabled.

NOTE: Training attendance data and monthly Fitness Coach meetings with Coaches will keep track of your involvement and input levels at training.


As per last year Provisional Appointments will be posted on the website- Monday nights this year. Confirmed Appointments will go upon the website Wednesday nights.

All late changes are to be directed to Dedy Friebe 0428 197 715

Finally, some practice matches on the way in March which coaches will organise in coming weeks.

Observers this year are being appointed as we speak and data collection assistance has again been offered by Glenda Grayson who will keep game and training records for coaches.

Commencement Coaching Program will again be offered this year. 4 senior umpires have accepted this opportunity and we will outline this program for you next web post.


Dedy Friebe  (Director of Umpiring.)


WEEK #2 - 19/2

THE 2018 COACHING PLAN “Team Spirit- Love your footy”

All of the 2018 plans aim directly at achieving our mantra of “enjoying footy with a team

Simply, we can’t do our best in this sport by working alone. We need to work alongside our
matchday team. We need to encourage, motivate, support and work closely as a team with
each other to get the maximum gains from our input.

There are 4 basic Foundations to this important goal

1. RESPECT- The coaching program is built around valuing and encouraging member
contribution. Everybody matters, everyone is important and cared about in all we
Your happiness, satisfaction and contribution is valued.

2. COMMITMENT- Team Spirit depends on everyone contributing and committing to
the year. When you train, train regularly and with effort (have a crack) A game day
team performing effectively relies on the whole team effort.

3. COMMUNICATION- Our aim is to keep everyone in the know. Webposts, weekly
Coach Notes, Matchday feedback from observers, Association news- communication
aims to be continuous and far reaching- everyone is urged to get involved.

4. INNOVATION- We have a rich history of professionalism and success. This is not
based on the past. It’s about moving forward to the future, trying new and
innovative ways to help everyone achieve their goals.

I along with your 3 discipline coaches (Andrew David ad Wazza), your trainers Mick &
Robbo, your observers, your Committee and all support staff aim to implement this
broad Coaching Plan in the season ahead.

Be a part of our exciting move forward into season 2018.
Let’s all enjoy umpiring with a "Team Spirit"

Our next Webpost will outline the various roles of our key personnel as well as how the
season will be scheduled.
Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring)


WEEK #1 - 12/2

BUILDING ON OUR SUCCESS- from Dedy Friebe (Director of Umpiring)
Pre-season 2018 is underway and this is the first of weekly Webposts to keep the
information flow happening as we prepare and move into a brand new season.

Our new Committee headed by new President Steve Walker have actively encouraged and supported what has been planned for the season ahead.

This season we have built on the success of a strong season last year. For the first time in
many seasons we have a full complement of coaches, one for each discipline and a Director
of Umpiring to steer the ship, offer support to new coaches and the appointment process as
we move forward.

In addition, we have retained our excellent Fitness Coach and arrangements are in place for
a new trainer of our junior brigade-a critically vital role for our future.
Great to welcome back Andrew Ferguson to his second year as Field Umpire Coach-. Andrew
is an extremely busy man whose heart and focus is on bringing out the best in our Field
umpire brigade.

Warren Beatty and David Dunn are our two new coaches. Wazza will head the Boundary
Umpiring coach role and David the goalies. The success of last year’s Commencement
Coach Program lured Warren and David too is keen to make his contribution and give back
to the association his experience and keen interest in coaching. I ask for all members to give
them their full support and backing as they take up their roles.

Great to have Mick Lowther coaching for our fitness and we welcome David Robertson who
will co-ordinate our highly successful BUmp Program for junior boundaries. Senior
boundaries play a big role here too.

My primary goal this early in the season is to establish an agreed coaching plan for season
This was approved last week by the Committee and was based on my prior consultations
with the coaching crew.

To build on our success of 2017, the 2018 coaching theme is “Team Spirit-love your footy”
It’s a similar thrust to 2017 where we focus on developing a team spirit, working together
and enjoying our umpiring.
In coming weeks the full plan will be outlined so all members can see our direction and
focus in the team spirit.

As always, I will aim to draw on the experience from within our association and build that
team of observers, track helpers, data gatherers and also offer another Commencement
Coach Program to 5 selected umpires. We must always look ahead to our future and the
drawing on the vast talent and experience we have.

For now though, there’s lots to set up…practice matches are coming in March and your
commitment now needs to be in earnest as you prepare to do your best work in a team
spirit- love your footy.

Coaching Team

Director of Umpiring

Dedy Friebe

Specialist Central Umpire Coach:

Andrew Ferguson

Specialist Boundary Umpire Coach:

Warren Beatty 

Specialist Goal Umpire Coach:

David Dunn

Senior Track Supervisor: 

Mick Lowther

Junior Development Coach: 

David Robertson