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As mentioned at tonight last night, I wish to remind all members about the appropriate use of social media.

Whilst I am not under any circumstances requesting members not to use social media, what is requested is that where there is commentary relating to umpires and/or umpiring whether in the AFL or local football that all comments are considered, appropriate and do not cause reputational harm to the WDFUA and umpires.

Some golden rules are as follows:

  • Never write a reply when angry or emotive.
  • Adopt a cautious and considered approach.
  • Do not inflame the situation – sometimes the best response is no response.
  • Refrain from using abusive and offensive language.

Remember that it is not appropriate for players and spectators to swear at umpires.  As such, umpires should not use the same language.  Umpires should act as role models, maintain a professional outlook and set a good example.

Please be respectful in your replies to comments (if you feel a remark needs to be made) even if the remark being made is less than complementary.  Many of these comments are simply people seeking a reaction.



Each Saturday, several football games are played outside Warrnambool.  The WDFUA designates drivers to take umpires to such games.  Vehicles depart from the WDFUA rooms at the time stated on the umpire appointment list.  Umpires who are not travelling with the designated driver/s or who will be late arriving at the designated departure time are requested to advise the designated driver at their earliest convenience.

To assist in this process, the mobile phone number of the designated drivers will appear on the final umpire appointment list which is emailed to umpires every Wednesday evening or Thursday.  If you are a designated driver and do not wish for your mobile phone number to be listed, please advise ASAP.

If anyone has any other issues, please don't hesitate to bring these to our attention.

Good luck this weekend.

Welcome to season 2019! 

Welcome to all new and returning members for another season! 

Training is once again on a Monday and Wednesday night from 6pm starting from the Clubrooms.

Junior boundary umpire training (BUMP) training is from 5:15 - 6 each Wednesday night.




Congratulations to our appointed coaches for 2019

Field Umpires coach - Mick Lowther 

Boundary umpire coaches - Nathan Hoy, Lachi Rooke and Lincoln Stockley

Goal umpires coach - David Dunn


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