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Notice to members

Notice - To Members of the WDFUA


Please see our Members page for information relating to the 2020 AGM. 


Well it has been a year like no other (and hopefully a year never repeated for us and the rest of the country)


Footy, whilst trying to get started, didn't.


Given that situation and the hope that 2021 will see a footy season the committee has been busy in the background ensuring that we have positions filled and our coaching team ready to go when we are able to commence training as a group.


Our interviews for the various roles (previously advertised) have been completed and people appointed to various roles for the coming 2021 season


To this end, an email will be distributed shortly advising of the coming season from our coaching panel, however I can advise that the following other non-committee roles have been advertised an filled for the 2020-2021 season.


These people will commence in their roles as at 25/11/2020 (AGM)


Director Of Umpiring & Field Umpire Coach - Nicole Downie

Boundary Umpire Coach - Nathan Hoy

Track Supervisor - Gavin Sell


Secretary - Pat Nolan

Treasurer - Tom O'Neill

Payroll - Jamie Lake


This early announcement is to ensure that post the AGM, the association is ready to go with pre-season and looking at recruitment/retention for the coming season noting the major disruption that COVID has been on the 2020 footy season.


As always, happy to discuss the contents of this email with members 


Stay safe and I hope to see as many of you at the AGM and pre-season training (assuming we are allowed to start)



Steve Walker
Warrnambool and District Football Umpires Association
PO Box 22
Warrnambool. 3280



Congratulations to our appointed coaches for 2020

Director of Umpiring & Field Umpires coach - Nicole Downie

Track Supervisor - Gavin Sell

Boundary umpire coaches - Nathan Hoy

Goal umpires coach - David Dunn



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